My Eating Disorder Story and Recovery

  • By javeline
  • August 19, 2016
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I was approached at the beginning of the year to write my eating disorder story to be published. This was something I knew was important but also something very emotionally … Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful World! Louis Armstrong Intro

My heart and soul have always adored blues and jazz. One of my all time favorite jazz singers is Louis Armstrong. Many of you are familiar with his song “What … Continue Reading →

Interview with Undercover Investigator Aaron Fehr

After not being in touch for over 10 years I randomly reconnected with the wonderful Mr Aaron Fehr, one of my old elementary school/ jr high friends. A few years … Continue Reading →

Stay away from Yogurt and Cheese!

Most people in the World are now opening their eyes to the fact that meat is not good for them but tell them your vegan and one of the first … Continue Reading →

The harsh reality of Eggs

Lately I have been presented with a lot of people who think that eating eggs are good for them and that no one dies for an egg. The amount of … Continue Reading →

Veganism, is it really a thought based topic?

I was hanging out with a friend a couple months ago we were talking about a bunch of different topics. I usually avoid bringing up vegan topics with this one … Continue Reading →

Carbs and Calories. Why they are so important!

Oh boy! Where to even begin with this topic. I find this is one of the more common weight loss or weight gain concerns. People are constantly staying things like … Continue Reading →

Bad sugar and Good sugar. Get the story straight!

In the past couple weeks I have had numerous conversations with different people who feel the need to tell me about the diets or fasts they are on in an … Continue Reading →

Healthy sodium levels, can you get enough naturally without adding extra?

Sodium is a crucial electrolyte in the body. Many foods contain sodium naturally, but most of the sodium in the diet comes from salt. Salt is made of sodium (40% … Continue Reading →

B12 and its true source

When people hear the word vegan they tend to think about all the supplements you “must need”. One that comes into mind for most people is B12. Yes I understand … Continue Reading →