The truth about Protein!

fruitsI find when going vegan the typical things you will have people say to you are usually along the lines of, “but where do you get your protein?”, “You need milk for calcium”, “you must have to take B12 supplements if your not getting it from meat”. Its awful but people really have no idea what they are talking about, they just feel these are questions they should ask. People have been so programmed over the years to just believing what they are told, oppose to actually doing the in depth research to find the truth. I do give it to you, with the internet now a days these large meat and dairy industries make it difficult to find the info, so its just easier to believe the info because a) its what you want to hear or b) the ‘it was at the top of the page so it must be right’ mentality. The reality is their are different things that could work for different people. But participating in harm and cruelty is something we need to avoid or work towards avoiding completely.

The truth behind protein. Many people in our society believe that we should be getting 30-40% of our calories from protein. When in reality the actual requirements for the body from the World Health Organization for protein are only 2.5%, they recommend 5% to make sure everyone meets their needs. So they recommend 5% and yet people are consuming an average or 30-40%…WHAT? Doesn’t that seem like a large amount of excess protein. So what happens with all that extra protein? Well think of it like building a house, you get all the materials and products to build said house and when its all finished and built more material keeps coming causing an over flow and the remainder of the project to look messy/ yard destroyed. Same in the body, an over flow of protein can cause serious damage. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gout, arthritis, osteoporosis etc. We are not carnivores, and our bodies have a different physiological makeup then true carnivores. Our intestinal tracts are 10-11 times our body length and the carnivores are 3-6 times their body length. This allows rotting decaying flesh to pass through their system quickly. We do not have that capacity as our stomach makeup is different and a lot longer. This causing clogged arteries, blood clots and related issues to the problems listed above.

It is virtually impossible to design a protein deficient diet if you are getting enough calories. Protein is in everything. Actually the only time we need more protein is as a baby when we are growing and about to double in size. Even then our mothers breast milk has 5-7% so again within the same range. Their would be no need to increase the protein needs as no other point in our life do we double in size. Time for everyone to look at who is providing this information, and if they profit from it then its probably not the best advice to be taking.  So Protein deficiency is non existent unless you are starving. Kwashiorkor is the medical term for protein deficiency and I had never heard that named mentioned before I started doing research (as most people haven’t heard it).

amino acidsTo understand how this all works you must understand the process. Protein is made of amino acids (the building blocks of the body). Their are 20 amino acids, 8 of which are essential to the body, meaning we either need to get them from food, we can create them ourselves in our body, and we also recycle 100-300 grams of protein a day. So we get a lot from our own bodies. We need to remember protein is made of amino acids, “acids” being the key word. One particular amino acid is methionine, which is mostly found in animal foods. It is a sulfur containing amino acid, which breaks down to sulfuric acid in the blood. This releases a dangerously high level of acid into the body, this is not a good thing. See when this happens, yes the body is extremely smart and knows how to neutralize the acidity but unfortunately in order to do so it needs to take the calcium phosphate our bones are made of and uses the phosphate to neutralize and you pee out the calcium. So your really doing more damage to your bones/teeth by having such a high diet in acidity.

The average person consuming the typical western diet has around 140-160 grams of protein in their diet. That’s almost triple the recommended amount which is usually around 40-50 grams of protein for women and men is typically around 55-65 or so grams of protein. Again a good guideline is to figure out your 5-10% by what you are eating. But getting to much of the wrong protein (animal protein) will put you at harm of getting potentially life changing disease. Protein cannot be stored in the body so it has to be metabolized through glucogenisis. Or excreted by the liver and kidneys and when this process is used it causes them to become large and diseased. Kidney stones can result as well as arthritis and other diseases in the body.



bodybPeople are always so scared to potentially become to small when trying to body build or build muscle in general. I often have many people tell me the reason they cannot go vegan is because they are trying to gain muscle mass etc and they need their protein. PROTEIN DOESN’T =MEAT…PLANTS HAVE PROTEIN TOO!  There is more then enough protein in plants. Take a look at some of the largest animals we have in our world, Elephant, Gorilla, Ox, Cows etc they are all Plant eaters. They all get plenty large and strong via Plant Based Nutrition. Reminds me of a favorite quote “People eat meat and think they will become strong as an Ox, forgetting that the Ox eat grass!” Thing is Body Builders need more calories not necessarily more protein. They should be getting a lot higher then normal because they are working out more then normal. I recommend women who are not even body building to get a MINIMUM of 2500 calories a day, aim for 3000 and women who are building to get 3500-5000 calories. Men need to be getting closer to 3500 -4500 a day depending of level of activity. If you are building you might want to push it closer to the 6000 calorie mark and that is also to support proper muscle healing/rejuvenation. Which can be done through eating enough carb calories. The more you eat the better you look and feel. I know that’s a hard one to understand but its true ‘The more you eat the more you will lose/ better you will look and feel’. If you fuel your body with the proper calories you will constantly reap benefits. Remember fit your needs for your activity levels. Get moving daily and don’t be afraid to get 3500+ cals if your a lady. If your working out that much your body will need it. Meat does not build muscle. Training builds muscle. Ive heard numerous Vegan Athletes say that their recovery time is a lot faster now then when they previously ate meat and dairy. Better recovery times equals better results.


You need to get enough calories to give your body what it needs to get motivation to exercise. When going vegan you tend to lose a lot of fat and water weight so really its fat/water that surrounds the muscles and looks swollen. It makes the meat eater body builders or people appear larger but if you were to see the muscle comparison the vegans would definitely measure up. That’s why people look smaller vegan, they are getting rid of that toxic environment in their body. They rid the body fat and become more focused. Time to jump on board. Get in your fruits, vegetables and startches. Listen to mother nature. Let yourself tap into a new lifestyle where you will thrive and be at your best. Let yourself be happy within and experience a beautiful body, spirit and mind.


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