B12 and its true source

When people hear the word vegan they tend to think about all the supplements you “must need”. One that comes into mind for most people is B12. Yes I understand it is more well known that vegans take B12 shots or supplements but does that mean that we are actually at greater risk then meat eaters? Let me tell you that were not. Ironically 99% of the people that have a B12 deficiency are actually meat eaters. Hmm another one to ponder. When people try veganism and say they had to go back to eating meat because they had a B12 deficiency, well you wonder if they had it before actually going vegan.

“I could no longer stand by and be a silent accomplice to an epidemic of apathy and non diagnosis that is leaving millions of young and old patients crippled or dead”-Sally Pacholok from the book “Could it B12”
(I think this is a wonderful quote from someone who wouldn’t stand by and watch people go by without knowing about B12 and its importance)


B12 is not directly found in meat. It is a water soluble vitamin. It is actually a bacteria found in soil and produced in the gut. It is essential in the formation of red blood cells and the health of our nerve tissue. It is one of the eight B vitamins, it aids in metabolizing our bodies. Fungi,plants or animals are not capable of producing vitamin B12. Only bacteria and archaea have the enzymes required. It is very important and unique because it has a trace mineral cobalt which is found in the soil. If the soil is deficient, which a lot of it is due to modern day farming and over sanitizing. Without cobalt there is no B12. Great things to do are try and go organic when you can or grow your own as much as possible.

Recommendations for B12 are 2.4mcg for people 14+,2.6mcg for pregnant women and 12.8mcg in lactating women. Rule of thumb, its always better to be over then to be under in B12. It is vital. There are other ways of getting B12, through oral (pill) form and other pharmaceutical types or you can get the shots. The oral form is really not worth it as it usually passes straight through the body and only a portion of the vitamin gets absorbed. The shots are definitely the way to go as they go straight in the bloodstream. I think the best form is methylcobalamin, it is found in nature. Its pre methylated and means is ready for use in the body immediately. There are other types also but one to stay away from is cyanocobalamin. It is a cheap synthetic form that is actually bound to a cyanide molecule. Isn’t that crazy. For those of you who don’t know, cyanide is a poison. It is a low grade form of the vitamin that is not found in nature but used because it is cheap. Be cautious and avoid this one! Advantages to methylcobalamin is increased absorption, better retention in your body tissue and best of all it contains no cyanide. Be careful of what the companies offer you out there. You never know.


The thing is most people are getting enough of the vitamin (through the large amounts of meat that they consume), but they are just not absorbing it. See humans are not designed to eat meat, therefor our bodies are not equipped to deal with the unnaturally high doses of hydrochloric acid produced in attempt to digest it. This in turn effect B12 production/ absorption. Not only that but by cooking the meat you lose 80% or more of the vitamin. But you have to cook the meat or you would be dealing with a whole other set of issues in the body. 39% of Americans have a vitamin B12 deficiency when they go to meat for their B12. People are misinformed and really just don’t know. Again time for some eyes to open to the truth and take as much of this information in as you can. Your health and your families health depends on it.

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  • George Martel says:

    When you say B12 shots, what exactly to you mean. I’m currently taking and have been taking B12/ B100 complex pills for some months now. But haven’t seen any B12 shots in any of the stores I go too. I do know that 5 hour energy shots etc have B12. Is that what your referring too? or is there another form of shot. Also is there any benefit to drinking those vitamins waters, or is that just commercial propaganda at its finest.

  • javeline says:

    No they are actual shot like needle injections from the doctor or I think you can get them from the pharmacy or online and do it yourself. Its absorbed in the body better and more efficient then pill or a spray form. And yes stay away from the vitamin waters I mean there better then coke but still not the greatest. I’ll never recommend an energy drink or shot to anyone. Stay away from caffeine if possible. I recommend getting vitamins and minerals directly from the source. But ill try and figure out a meal plan that would make it easier on you.

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