Carbs and Calories. Why they are so important!


Oh boy! Where to even begin with this topic. I find this is one of the more common weight loss or weight gain concerns. People are constantly staying things like “Carbs are the enemy” or “Carbs will make you gain weight and are bad for the body and health”. We are more then aware of all the diet industry lies and yet people constantly believe them. Why is this? because we have been so utterly programmed to believe that “Thin= Beauty and Beauty= Happiness”. This is an extremely dangerous mentality to hold and no, not only women think and feel this way. Many men have body or self esteem issues also. This has become a global crisis in my opinion. On one spectrum we have an extremely large amount of the population suffering from some sort of eating disorder or calorie restrictive diets, and on the other side we have a large amount of people suffering and dying from obesity and sever health issues. Seems to me like we need to get down to the truth about how carbs and calories can actually save your life if they are the right ones.

I want to give a little background story on myself before I explain this further to aid in understanding. I used to suffer from an eating disorder. Actually I suffered from numerous eating disorders, some that I find really shameful to admit too but I did none the less. I used to believe that carbs were so bad for the body and to be avoided at all cost. I also used to restrict my calories to numbers so low that I was unable to move from bed (most days not even allowing myself 100 calories). I would sleep 17 hours a day and had hardly any energy to get up and go to the washroom or walk up the stairs. After “recovering” (I was eating again but not nearly close to what the body needs for optimal energy) I went through a phase of eating  only 1200-1500 calories a day (again way to low) But these are average numbers for diets out there. I would also workout extremely, over 2 hours a day. I had put my body through so much damage that it took years to recover from. But I did recover and I did it after finding a whole foods plant based diet. I felt so much better then I had ever felt in my life before and that’s why informing the people has become so important to me.


You have to realize that Carbohydrates are the bodies number ONE preferred energy source. YOU NEED CARBS TO LIVE!!! No if and’s or butts about it, your body needs carbohydrates as fuel for the body and to help send signals to the brain for other bodily functions like managing your heart rate, digestion, breathing, exercising, walking, and thinking. The thing people get confused about is that some carbs are good and some are bad and so many people like to give false information about which ones are which. Atkins for example, Dr Atkins had so many people believing that carbs were so bad and that’s when the whole low carb craze started. What I always found odd about this is that people were taking advice from an unhealthy overweight sick man. Obviously he is living the life he promotes and is not a good example of health at all. He actually died at the age of 73 from a heart attack (disease of affluence caused by animal products). People also like to say that “fats have gotten a bad rep all these years and that fats are good for you” and blame the carbs for making you fat. Listen THE FAT YOU EAT IS THE FAT YOU WEAR! Carbohydrates will not make you fat if they are the right kinds and if you are getting enough. If your body is in starvation mode it will hold onto anything it can and you will gain weight. The more you eat of the proper things the more you will lose and the better you will feel. I say take advice from people who look like what they are promoting, if they are happy lean and healthy then you probably will get there to, if they are overweight and unhealthy then you probably will end up gaining more weight then you currently have and become even unhealthier.

simple carbs

Generally bad carbs are loaded with preservatives, added sugars and white flour. Examples include milk, refined white bread and pasta, cakes, candy, chips, cookies, soft drinks etc. What happens to the body when eating these bad carbs (also known as simple carbohydrates) is they can be easily digested in the body, their carbohydrate energy is soaked up quickly. The body does not have to work very hard to get the glucose unleashed into the bloodstream, so sugar spikes rapidly and then giving you that crash and burn effect on the body after the spike is gone. These foods that give you this effect don’t have adequate nutritional value as in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They are commonly known as empty calories void of any nutritional value for your day. The thing is the body needs to meet its nutrition levels for the day so after an hour or so, these fast absorbing carbohydrates leave you hungry and your body searching for true nutrients. That’s when most people head for their next “sugar spike” and the cycle continues. Any of the excess sugar that is not used will be stored and turned to fat, avoiding these simple carbs is a good rule.


Complex carbohydrates on the other hand act very differently in the body because they are filled with vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies needs. Complex carbs are also filled with fiber that of which most simple carbs have been stripped of by the typical human process. Complex carbohydrates are nutritious, and include vegetables, whole grain breads and pastas, beans, peas, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, fruits, and whole grain cereals. Complex carbohydrates cause a balanced and controlled release of sugar into your system. This slow release gives the body more time to use the carbohydrates as fuel. As a result, fewer turn to fat and insulin remains stable. You will also enjoy more consistent energy throughout the day without gaining extra pounds or having a spike crash effect. As you can see, the two types of carbs differ immensely from a nutritional standpoint. Simple carbohydrates are calorie laden, providing little nutrition and causing weight gain. Complex carbohydrates are lower in calories and, because they are loaded with fiber, provide bulk that fills you up sooner, alleviates hunger pangs, and keeps you feeling satisfied longer. So as long as your carbs are complex eat as much as you like.

Our recommended needs on the body is between 60-80% of your calories from carbs. No less! your body will need these to function! I also want to clarify that you will be needing to give your body a lot higher then the diet industry mentality 1200-1500 calories a day. That is not a sufficient amount of calories for your body. Remember how I told you I was eating very little when I was sick with an eating disorder and I had very little energy. Well I now consume anywhere between 2500-3400 calories a day and I now exercise around 30 minutes a day to get my lymphatic system pumping but I have much more energy to do other things that make me happy not always focusing on looks. I have seen better results eating more (a lot more) and exercising a lot less then I ever have in my life before. You don’t need to go crazy at the gym and crazy with restricting your calories. You need to give your body what it needs and you will reap unlimited benefits. When switching to a plant based diet you will not only gain vitality, energy, clarity, calmness etc but you will also be rewarded with the body you were naturally meant to have. Most people will lose weight and the people who need to gain weight will gain weight. Getting back to mother natures routes for feeding our bodies is key. Time to get back to where we are suppose to be and stop listening to people who want to profit off you. That’s the first problem we have is we constantly take advice from people who take our money.

minnesota-starvation-study         starvationexperiment2

These people inform us that these calorie restrictive diets are beneficial and will have us looking and feeling amazing and yet so  many people are the typical yo yo dieters. They go on a diet and it works until it doesn’t and it usually doesn’t take to long for it to not work. The majority of people that go on diets will gain back all the weight they lost and usually more this is because the body is in starvation mode. What I find unreal is that countries in order to be considered a famine classification only 20% of the population need to have access to under 2100 calories a day! WHAT? and the majority of the “health gurus” that people are listening to recommend WAY under that, some even as low as 800 calories a day, and you wonder why your gaining weight because your body is holding onto everything it can because you are starving it! Back in World War Two, scientists conducted a starvation experiment taking 36 participants and following them through 4 phases, Controlled period-the participants were allowed 3200 calories a day (what the body should be having), Starvation period- they were allowed a very low amount of 1560 calories a day for a 6 month period, Restricted Rehabilitation and finally Unrestricted Rehabilitation. I find it insane that on a STARVATION experiment they were feeding them 1500 calories a day and yet that is what people believe they should be getting as a max amount of calories in their day. You wonder why you are gaining weight and unhealthy because your body is craving and needing more nutrients and majority of people are feeding it junk and overly processed animal products and your body grabs onto and stores ever morsel of food it gets trying to keep the body functioning.

freeleefreelee1vegan trans

I say its time we stop listening to these people who have no care in the world about you or your life and as I previously stated people who simply want to take you money. They give you this information knowing that it is going to send you on a downward spiral and that’s what they want. They know that you will just grab onto the next diet they put out there and still taking you money. Time to start feeding yourself a whole foods plant based diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and start listening to the people who look the part. Take Freelee and Mango Steen for example. they are both high carb low fat low sodium vegans and look at their results. AMAZING! and they are not weak and lethargic, they are constantly full of energy, positivity and happy.  Trust me you can make delicious meals and your body will thank you for it and you will gain so many benefits from living this lifestyle. I promise! So take the step Today ang go HIGH CARB VEGAN!

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