Veganism, is it really a thought based topic?


I was hanging out with a friend a couple months ago we were talking about a bunch of different topics. I usually avoid bringing up vegan topics with this one friend because whenever I do it really bothers her┬ábecause and she gets very defensive about it. So I didn’t say anything, until I made one comment when talking to her about another relationship I have and I said “I couldn’t support that person for the rest of my life because if you eat meat you are participating in murder”. She got extremely defensive right away. Even though the conversation could have easily continued in a different direction, she decided to communicate her feelings with me, she told me she didn’t appreciate the passive aggressive comment that I had made and that she would appreciate me not making them to her. She proceeded to say how me and her have a difference in opinion and belief on the matter and we basically need to agree to disagree. First I want to state that I appreciate her telling me what was on her mind and feel it is important to do so.

Second, the reason I want to talk about this is because I feel like this is the typical situation with meat eaters. They don’t want to hear the truth and they want to live in their little bubble that meat is good for their bodies or that they are not causing harm. They want to believe that they are in the right and that they are entitled to have a separate opinion about the matter. The thing is yes they are entitled to have a separate thought, absolutely we have freedom of speech. But the thing I want to clarify is its not a difference in belief, thought or opinion its the truth! The truth of the matter is if you eat meat,dairy and eggs you ARE participating in murder. I did not make a false statement, someone has to die to be on your plate and they don’t die naturally. They are tortured and brutally murdered to feel every last aching breath of their ever so miserable lives all so you could have some overly processed bullshit in your body, and that is truth. There are no if and or butts about it. These animals are getting brutally tortured and MURDERED for you greedy selfish taste buds and it is doing more harm to you internally then good. Even when going organic, when buying organic meat you are still paying for horrible pain and cruelty, the final slaughter process is always the same and its full of fear and torture daily!


As a vegan you will hear many meat eaters say that vegans have a self righteous I’m better then everyone mentality but in reality its the meat eaters that have this mentality. They are the ones that believe that their lives matter more then other beings or that their taste buds matter more then another beings life. We DO NOT believe that we are superior to anyone. When a meat eater says this to me it makes me so frustrated because the reality is most vegans were meat eaters once upon a time and we understand how the misinformation out there can take over and how stuck in your bubble you can be of believing what you want to believe. Its the whole close minded mentality that meat eaters have. The whole I’m not going to even really listen to what a vegan has to say or give them the time to really say enough to have it make a shift and matter, that is a close mind. When someone approaches you with new information about something and you haven’t really listened or had a conversation about it (not an argument or disagreement etc) you can’t go off and say that there was a difference in opinion or difference in thought on the matter, because you haven’t even opened your mind to the possibility that veganism could be more beneficial to them. They continuously sit on their high horses of meat and dairy are good and that these animals were meant to die for us when in reality that was never ever the case. This stuff has been drilled into their brains and now they believe it all without making an informed decision for themselves. I have started to understand that people are scared. The reality is that people are extremely scared to open their eyes to the truth because they know it is not going to be nice. They know that the reality of where they spend their money is causing horrible suffering in our world on more then one level. It’s a large part of what is distroying our world.


Here is the thing, I think one of the points of this thing called life to to constantly learn and grow. To always want to better ourselves from the person we were the day before. The way I see it is if someone, anyone (even strangers on the street or at my door) approaches me with information that they are passionate about why shouldn’t I listen to them for a couple minutes. I might learn something that will make my life better the next day or that will change me forever in a positive way. There is no one telling you that you have to change but at least look at it with an open mind. You can listen and open your eyes on some topics and go educate yourself, make informed decisions based on both sides. If one side makes more sense then its okay to change your mind on something after being presented with new information, just because it was taught to you from the beginning doesn’t mean it is what you must believe. It does become sad when people throw up their hand and yell ” I don’t wanna hear about it, Nope I don’t want to hear about it” with their noses in the air after they were the ones who asked a question based on why I’m vegan and when I respond with what are ethical stances that’s when they cant hear it and turn off all possibility of having a conversation with someone about it. Even when you tell people before hand that no one ever actually just listens without putting their defenses on and to “please, hear what I have to say and then I will gladly and openly listen to what you have to say” and then the conversation still concludes with the meat eater getting defensive and saying ridiculous insensitive things and walking away.

All I’m saying is when someone presents you with facts on why one lifestyle is better for not only you but our planet, the environment, the animals, the starving people of the world etc why wouldn’t you change? why wouldn’t you want to do what is right? what causes least amount of harm? what destroys less rainforests? what pollutes less of our world? and what I personally think aids in spiritual awakeness where inner peace starts to feel possible, where you rid yourself of the fear, torture, stress, anxiety and depression of all those animals that were inside of you and you replace it with calmness, peace, love, compassion, you start to feel compassion for your fellow humans on a more respectful level as well. major shifts happen in the body, its a beautiful journey that everyone loves once they have embarked on it. Its truly the missing piece to saving our world I believe. So no more getting defensive and argumentative please give us the chance of telling you the truth about some crazy industries that run our world. There is a lot of information to know and its like a tree there are so many branches and twigs with information on each end, it might look to large but just pick on twig and start there. Ask around in the vegan communities, people will always be willing to help if you ask for it. I am here always for tips and suggestions also!

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