What a Wonderful World! Louis Armstrong Intro

My heart and soul have always adored blues and jazz. One of my all time favorite jazz singers is Louis Armstrong. Many of you are familiar with his song “What a Wonderful World!”  Its a truly beautiful song and breath taking in its ability to touch my soul. When this song is typically played it is usually just the song that gets played but there is an amazing version where Louis is talking and giving an intro and I just think he hits home on so many things that I wanted to share the beautiful intro and discuss it. Here it is….


“Some of you young folks been saying to me,” Hey Pops, what you mean ‘What a wonderful world’?

How about all them wars all over the place? You call them wonderful?

And how about hunger and pollution? That ain’t so wonderful either.”

Well how about listening to old Pops for a minute. Seems to me, it ain’t the world that’s so bad but what we’re doin’ to it. And all I’m saying is, see what a wonderful world it would be if only we’d give it a chance. Love baby, love. That’s the secret, yeah. If lots more of us loved each other, we’d solve lots more problems. And then this world would be better.”

Isn’t that the truth though? If more of us loved each other we’d solve lots more problems? We would. Love conquers all!  When people open their hearts to the fact that we are all connected and we are all one! Kindness and compassion explodes. You start to see the good in everyone and really try and understand their side of things before reacting. Even if someone is being hateful and rude, most of the time it unfortunately goes back to neglect or some sort of issues from childhood or life in general and all that person needs is to be loved and cared about on a different level, even when their not very nice. People put strong walls up to protect themselves after being hurt and they are extremely hard to break down. If more people could just focus on Love and know that these situations that hurt, they are just temporary and to not let them change the wonderful person we all have inside of us. Why not magnify and focus on being the best version of you possible?  To constantly grow and learn. Is it really fun being unhappy? Is it really fun being depressed? sad? angry? frustrated? and stressed all the time? It can’t be. Ive been there and its definitely a dark uncomfortable place. Positivity is a wonderful thing and trust me it completely changes your whole outlook on life. Some people get stuck in this mindset that they have been so unhappy and angry for so long that that’s “just who they are” but its not. It’s not who you are. You can change your outlook on life anytime you choose. Any moment of any day you can say to yourself  “I know longer will allow myself to be this negative” or unhappy or stressed, whatever emotion it is you want to change. How great is that, that’s an immense power, to know that know matter what is going on around you or what circumstances you are going through you have the power and ability to change your outlook on life anytime you want! But yet so many people are stuck being unhappy focusing on all these horrible things going on in our world.

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“How about all them wars all over the place? And how about hunger and pollution?”… We have the same problems now as we did then, granted some things are different and have gotten better. But have they really? I think our problems now with school shootings and these random large shootings done by a single person is now something we really need to fear and again that person wouldn’t be shooting places up like that if they didn’t feel some sort of boiled up hate, neglect or abuse issues inside. We need get down to the root issue with these problems and yet how do we know their is a problem if its one single person in their room planning an attack, how do we reach that person and tell them we love them? The people that understand were all connected and were all one, we want to tell you we love you and care about you, we feel those vibes, positive or negative and we want to overpower the negative with positive, as it should be. We should all be willing to help others feel loved, you receive great happiness in return. Another one of my favorite quotes is “if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”. These wars and all this hate going back and forth is ridiculous. If you keep doing the same things your going to get the same results. STOP FIGHTING HATE WITH HATE! It hasn’t worked in the past and it is not going to work now. Someone needs to stand up and make peace. This is ridiculous all the bombing and attacks, what are we accomplishing but spending billions of dollars when that money could be going elsewhere, like for the good of humanity. Someone needs to refuse to attack back. I know that it is very unlikely that this will happen and these problems are problems we will always face on different scales, but I still believe in the good. I still believe one day our world will understand the damages being done and how programs of spiritual and social uplift should be taught in schools. Children should be taught to meditate, be creative, taught to love themselves and understand what building a relationship and connecting to yourself really means, to avoid technology as much and get outside in nature more instead, and to teach them about proper health and nutrition from the beginning! If your body is not being fed properly and I mean enough nutritious foods and getting the proper vitamins and minerals etc it can effect your body in so many ways. Anxiety, being irritable, on edge, angry, tired, stressed, mean etc the list goes on if you don’t. It can effect so many parts of the body and brain and really take over. Vitamin and mineral needs have to be met by the body in order to function properly. You gain energy, clarity, happiness, start to have a different understanding about our world and become more positive.  These are important things for the young to understand early on. Children need to be taught that we are not Human beings having a spiritual experience. That we are actually Spiritual beings having a human experience. When you understand that concept, things change.

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“And how about hunger and pollution?”  Now getting back to the animal rights. This is all connected and hunger and pollution are two main problems we have that could be solved by getting rid of our factory farming and animal agriculture. Starting with the environmental facts. ~260 Million Acres (and counting) of US forests have been clear-cut to create land for producing feed for livestock. ~70% Of the grain that is produced in the US is fed to farm animals. ~Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution have stated that the equivalent of SEVEN football fields of land is bulldozed every single minute to create more land for farming animals. ~2,400 Gallons of water is needed to produce 1 pound of meat, only 25 gallons is needed to produce 1 pound of wheat. You would save more water by not showering for 6 months than you would by eating a pound of meat! ~In the 2004-2005 crop season all the wild animals and trees in over 2.9 million acres of the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil were destroyed in order to grow crops to produce feed for chickens and other factory farmed animals. ~Close to half of all water used in the USA goes to the production of animals for food. ~A United Nations report from 2006 states that animal agriculture is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”~The EPA reports that roughly 80 percent of ammonia emissions in the US come from animal waste. Atmospheric ammonia can disrupt aquatic ecosystems, ruin soil quality, damage crops, and jeopardize human health. ~Cows and sheep are responsible for 37% of the total methane (23 times as warming as CO2) generated by human activity. ~it takes more than 11 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie from animal protein as it does to make 1 calorie from plant protein. That seems like a lot of unnecessary waste for animal products that when consumed do untold damages on the body. Disease of affluence is responsible for more deaths then all of the car accidents, plane crashes, and natural disasters combined. Doesn’t this seem like a lot of connected none sense that could stop if they would just decide to inform the public? Why don’t they? I can’t understand why when we have so much information at our fingertips that could literally save or world and so many people, that the majority of the people that are aware choose to be quiet about it, so many people choose to stay in their bubble. The bubble of believing good things about their bad habits.

Hunger 3.5-Every 3.5 seconds someone in the world dies from hunger 1673062-370-jpg-1

For how animal rights and veganism ties into World hunger. 40% of corn and 67% of soy is fed to farm raised animals. For every sixteen pounds of grain and soy fed to beef cattle in the United States, we only get one pound back in meat on our plates. Sixteen pounds of grain has twenty-one times more calories and eight times more protein- but only three times more fat- than a pound of hamburger. It is a fact that there is enough food being produced now to feed the WHOLE world. Over 300kg of grain per head is currently produced worldwide each year. It would take only 200 kg of grain per year per head to fill the calorie needs of an adult. The World today produces enough grain to provide 3500 calories per person (this estimate does not include, vegetables, beans, nuts, root crops, fruits etc). If people were to eat the grain itself an entire village would be fed instead of just one family. So why are we not able to feed to World? because our food is going to feed the animals that we in turn kill to eat, which then in turn does untold damages to your health and body. We are destroying our land to grow crops to feed animals so that we can kill them? This makes no sense to me, at all! Why don’t starving humans matter more then greedy ones? What is happening to our World is sad on so many levels. 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat. This number has fallen by 17 percent since 1990. The vast majority of hungry people (827 million) live in developing countries, where 14.3 percent of the population is undernourished. Children are the most visible victims of under nourishment. Children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of the 10.9 million child deaths each year–five million deaths! Every 12 seconds a child dies from hunger related disease, that’s 7,100 children a day. Deaths that are caused by starvation all by food that could be saving millions of lives but are actually going to the animals and killing more lives. Its time our world realizes the harmful effects of all the negative things that we supporting now. Its time we all start to actually care about things! ALL THINGS/LIFE!

These are all issues that we have always faced but not that we always need to face. I believe our world is smart enough/capable enough to figure out and know what needs to be done but so many people are clouded in their opinions and minds. They have no idea how to reduce the “fog” or what a life without “fog” even is. But when you educate yourself and really wake up to what is happening immense shifts will happen in your body. We need to realize how much meditation is a huge piece to this puzzle. To be able to really be with yourself and your breathing, focusing on yourself will subconsciously bring questions about life to your mind. Even if you have been a negative person for a really long time you do have the ability to change and to really open your eyes to what you can do to change our world and benefit life. Please make the necessary changes so that we can all survive and our planet can thrive! Its time!

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