Interview with Undercover Investigator Aaron Fehr

After not being in touch for over 10 years I randomly reconnected with the wonderful Mr Aaron Fehr, one of my old elementary school/ jr high friends. A few years … Continue Reading →

Truth about Animal Entertainment! (Pt 4)

Animal entertainment abuse is a topic most people are very naive and unaware about. Its easy to have your eyes closed to this information when they make it seem like … Continue Reading →

Animal Testing Practices. (Pt 3)

Think your scott free when it comes to cleaning products, soaps, make up etc? many people do not realize that these products get tested on animals to make sure that … Continue Reading →

Animals for Clothing. (Pt 2)

Its horrible enough knowing that we use beautiful beings for our unhealthy food consumption but it unfortunately continues. Its just as horrible in the fashion industry and the reality for … Continue Reading →

The Truth and Reality for Billions! (Pt 1)

When I first became vegan I really had no idea about how many animal cruelty issues we actually are faced with. Or not ‘faced’ with cause the majority of the … Continue Reading →

Great Vegan Reads

For anyone that likes a good read and wants to have the detailed version of the documentaries that I have posted here are some really wonderful books to read. ‘The … Continue Reading →


When I first tried to go Vegan back in 2008 I didn’t end up being successful in grasping the full concept of veganism. At the time I was working A … Continue Reading →