My Eating Disorder Story and Recovery

  • By javeline
  • August 19, 2016
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I was approached at the beginning of the year to write my eating disorder story to be published. This was something I knew was important but also something very emotionally … Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful World! Louis Armstrong Intro

My heart and soul have always adored blues and jazz. One of my all time favorite jazz singers is Louis Armstrong. Many of you are familiar with his song “What … Continue Reading →

Veganism, is it really a thought based topic?

I was hanging out with a friend a couple months ago we were talking about a bunch of different topics. I usually avoid bringing up vegan topics with this one … Continue Reading →

Veganism is not a Cult. Its a Liberation Movement!

Since becoming Vegan I have noticed many things that you will most likely experience as a vegan. You will come across a lot of haters. A lot of people who … Continue Reading →

Meat Eaters get over yourselves!

I want to talk today about how programmed we have become over the years to thinking and believing that we are better or more superior to animals. To believing that … Continue Reading →